LCC Review of the Decade - Part 2

This is a statistical review of the decade- there will only be the occasional mention of specific games; the multiple league trophies (and cup!) or storytimes. There will be cold hard facts, more facts, and hopefully pretty pictures.

Over the reviews, there will be the answers to the quiz of the decade we emailed out & had on our twitter page. Full answers will be compiled at the end. If you want to do the quiz, it is available via this link.

All stats refer to adult league games over the period 2010-19.


10 players made 2000+ runs for the for the club - in order:

  1. Thomas Lee - 3951
  2. James Askew - 3690
  3. Geoffrey Cole - 3669
  4. Michael Askew - 3536
  5. Harry Standing - 3156
  6. Chris Heberlein - 3136
  7. Darren Bazley - 2845
  8. Ally James - 2467
  9. Rick Heberlein - 2426
  10. Ian Birbeck - 2223

Split by side we have the following:

1st XI - Tom Lee (3822), James Askew (3518), Mike Askew (3128)

2nd XI - Harry Standing (3044), Darren Bazley (2368), Rick Heberlein (1919)

3rd XI - Ian Birbeck (1919), Stewart Murray (1892), Geoff Cole (1599)

4th XI - Kev Foot (1017), Shaun Keyte (742), Sam Pannell (480



In terms of batting averages, only 8 players with 20+ innings averaged above 30.

Stewart Murray ends up top, pipping James Askew; and they end as the only two batsmen with an average above 40.

Modes of dismissal


The most bowled batsman was Jordan Atkinson on 45, followed closely by Rick Heberlein on 40. Out most bowled for a duck were Dan Clarke and Tim Hemsley joint on 10.


The most caught batsman was Tom Lee on 87, accounting for 65% of his dismissals. 


Seven clear of anyone else, the player given LBW the most this decade was Mike Askew on 28. In terms of % of dismissals, Sam Mellor and Dan Peach led the way as most likely to be out LBW with over a quarter of their dismissals via this method.

Run Out

The most run out batsman was Geoff Cole - 7 times. Geoff averaged 28 when run out, so tiredness may well have played a factor. Fellow opening batsman Cliff Webber was second on 5.


The most stumped player was Harry Standing on 11 - averaging 42 when stumped. Second most stumped was Jordan Farrell on 7 times: 17% of his innings. A number of players ended on 4 stumpings - the highlight being Tim Nicholson who scored 6 runs in those innings including two ducks.

Not Outs

The highest number of not outs is achieved by Ryan Budd - who was not out 41 times - which was 53% of his innings. Second place here goes to Dan White who ended not out in exactly half his 64 innings. Tim Nicholson ended not out in 25 of his 75 innings.

Hit Wicket

Only two batsmen were given out hit wicket - Phil Parnell in 2014 for 4; and Andy Lee in 2019 for a duck.


Rick Heberlein held the record for number of times "retired not out" with 8 - although he may argue it is in fact 9; as there was one instance he was given "retired out". The only other two players to retire not out were Geoff Cole and Martin Milford (both twice).