LCC Review of the Decade - Part 4

This is a statistical review of the decade- there will only be the occasional mention of specific games; the multiple league trophies (and cup!) or storytimes. There will be cold hard facts, more facts, and hopefully pretty pictures.

Over the reviews, there will be the answers to the quiz of the decade we emailed out & had on our twitter page. Full answers will be compiled at the end. If you want to do the quiz, it is available via this link.

The answers to the quiz are now HERE.

All stats refer to adult league games over the period 2010-19.

Fielding & Teams Played


Most wicket keeper catches - Mike Askew (145), Jordan Atkinson (79), Dan Clarke (33), Jack Turner (18), Dan Peach (15)

Most outfield catches - Nathan Perry (56), Ian Birbeck (55), Darren Bazley (52), Harry Standing (49)

Most run outs - Connor Finneran (6), Dan White & Chris Heberlein (5), Raj Anumula & Theo Hemsley & Andy Greig & Jack Turner & Sophie Parnell (4)

Teams Played

The side we played most over the decade across the club was Arundel - who we plaeyd 36 times. This was 12 more times than the next club - Middleton on 24.

Our best record of teams we played 10+ times was v Broadwater, who we beat 68.75% of the time. Of our 16 games v them, we won 11, drew 3 and only lost 2.

Our worst record was v East Preston; who we only beat twice in 11 games, and lost 6 of those. 

The only sides we played in the decade and never beat were Roffey, Partridge Green and Tilgate - we lost to all 3 sides twice.



  • The most appearances in terms of first names were by Dan's - 436 in total (Rive 148, Clarke 110, White 100, Peach 53, Foot 23 and Kempson 2). Second most were Tims on 298.
  • In surname's; the most apeparances were by Heberlein's - 295. Next highest were Mohsins (283), Askews (274) and Lees (269).
  • The most runs by surname easily went to the Askew's on 7226. They were followed by the Heberlein's (5595), Lee's (5584) and fourth place went to the Cole's (just Geoff) on 3669.
  • The most wickets by surname went to the Mohsin family. They had 265 wickets, 44 more than the Budd family in second place - third place going to non family Chris & Nathan Perry.

Other Stats:

  • Of players to win 20+ games, Mac Cox had the best win % with 67% - 33 wins in his 49 completed games
  • The 3rd XI as a side had the best win %, winning 52% of their completed games. The 1st XI won 43% of their completed games although the thrid XI did play more win/lose cricket.
  • Stew Murray got the highest score of the decade with 192* v Three Bridges 5th XI in 2014