LCC Premier League 2020

The draft for the LCC Premier League 2020 took place on Saturday. The captains tried their hardest to get the best team possible, and it looks like we have four even teams.

The teams are as follows:

LA PANTHERS (Black Tops)

Ally James ©

Nathan Perry

Jordan Atkinson

Ben Duffell

Jacob Flint

Lucas Stubbs

Kev Foot

George Bryant Nicholls

Dexter Finneran-Arm

LA GOATS (White Tops)

Tom Lee ©

Ryan Budd

Dan Clarke

Sam Flint

Nick Larking

Dave Moon

Jon Keyte

Doil Ponweera

Jake Howson

LA WASPS (Green Tops)

Darren Bazley ©

Mike Askew

Sam Pannell

Dan Peach

David Skyrme

Matt Wilkinson

Aaron Perkins

Theo Hemsley

Ross Voice


Chris Heberlein ©

Dan White

Finn Mcrae

Olly Hemsley

Georgie Heberlein

Zack Sanderson

Alex Hall

Dan Foot

Joel Bird

Please note what colour top your team is in.

Details about the day

• Please arrive by 11.30am

• First game will start at 12pm.

• Each team will have a designated area to sit during the day.

• Please bring a chair with you if you can.

• Our bar will be open from 12pm, serving alcoholic and soft drinks, and some snacks.

• If you have a gazebo that the club can borrow please let Mike Askew know.

LCC Premier League Rules

• 9 a side

• 8 overs an innings

• Bowl from one end during the whole game

• Everyone has to bowl one over apart from the WK (can’t change WK during a game unless due to injury)

• Wides and no balls count as 3 runs but no extra balls till the last over

• Umpires to use the 17inch lines for wide judgement

• Free hit for every no ball

• The fielding side must always have 2 fielders inside the 25-yard circle

• Batters retire at 30 but can come back at the end once their team is all out.

• Last batter standing applies

• Players can only open the batting once during the group stage

• Each team plays each other

• Top two contest a final

• If teams are level on points, then the highest run rate will be considered first

• If the final is a tie, then a super over will take place. If that is also a tie then a second innings will take place


• Players must sanitise their hands after 4 overs of each innings

• The ball must be sanitised after 4 overs of each innings

• A different ball must be used for each game

• When you are not playing, you must stay within your team area

• You must stay socially distanced throughout the day

• Spectators should spread around the ground but cannot go into the team areas

• When you enter the pavilion, you must follow the pavilion rules